Our Christmas

Christmas Time
By Class 7

Christmas songs, cake, and cards

Hanging decorations and wrapping presents

Red and white and green brighten up our home

Interesting shaped presents under the Christmas tree

Stockings waiting for Santa to fill

Tinsel shiny, bright and sparkling

Mum baking pies, puddings and cake

Awesome fun with my family

Sunshine instead of snow for Santa and me to play in


Christmas with my Family

I play with my brother and I play on my own. I got to the Christmas party at my Dad’s work. My mum makes cookies and I put up a tree. By Scott

I get lots of presents and I throw snow balls and my favourite song is Jingle Bells. We eat roast chicken. By Jett

Christmas is exciting. Santa comes on a sleigh and gives presents to good people. We put up a Christmas tree. By Ben

I have stockings and a Christmas tree. My Dad takes the Christmas tree home for us. We put decorations on it. I like the chicken dinner. By Luca

On Christmas I go to Christchurch to see my cousins. My cousins are called Max, Jake, Ethan and Baxter. The adults are my Granny and Grandad. I give Santa cookies and I give his reindeer carrots. By Lucy

On Christmas Day I wake up early to open my presents and I see what I get. anta puts foot prints on my wall and lots on the carpet. By Jack

At Christmas we have a Christmas tree. We have turkey for lunch. My Nana and Papa come to stay. They play games with us. I get to hand out the presents. My dog and cat get present too. By Toby

Christmas is fun because I can put up the Christmas tree. I can see the lights too. I can taste lollies and I can hear bells. I can smell Christmas pudding. I love it! By Abby

At Christmas my Nana, Granddad and my Aunty come to my house. We have a big feast. It is very yummy. I love Christmas! For breakfast I have pancakes. For the big feast we have roast chicken. By Matilda

At Christmas I go to Fielding or Nelson. I smell yummy food like my Gran’s gravy. When I eat my Gran’s gravy on the potatoes it tastes yummy. I see my family when I go on holiday. We often
open presents in the morning when we first wake up before we go on the ferry or drive to Fielding. We put up the tree and we put tinsel in our bedrooms. My favourite Christmas song is Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. By Natalie

I have two brothers, just saying. As Christmas we go to Christchurch to see my Nana and Grandad. Sometimes we go to Amarama with my Nana and Grandad. Me and Caleb share a bedroom. sometimes we are sneaky and go into each other’s bedroom. Me and my brothers have a midnight feast. My Nana makes a cake and my Grandad puts a tree up and decorates the house. By Ella

At Christmas I eat chocolates and I have two Christmas trees. One is white and one is green. The green one is new. The white one is old. I decorate the house and I get Christmas Crackers.
I have Christmas with my mum and dad. By Kyros

On Christmas day I sometimes get presents I do not wish for but I still like them. Last Christmas my mum got cooking stuff. The jokes in the Christmas crackers were funny. I think Christmas is cool. I put a tree in the tree holder. We have stockings and decorations for the tree. This year it’s going to be a fake tree because real ones make my mum sneeze. My favourite Christmas song is Little Drummer Boy. By Thomas