Christmas trees

In New Zealand the pohutukawa tree has bright red flowers at Christmas time, it has been called the New Zealand Christmas tree since Christmas has been has been celebrated in New Zealand. We had a song about it at our school concert.

Many of families have Christmas Trees at home, here are our stories about our trees.

After school I am putting up my Christmas Tree. This year there are five new decorations to put on the tree. When my Dad comes home he can put on the star. By Natalie

My Christmas tree has tinsel, candy canes, baubles and a star on the top. Me and my sister put the decorations on. By Matilda

At Christmas I put up the Christmas tree and there is tinsel and cup cake lights and sparkly balls and an angel. By Abby

My Christmas tree is green and it has decorations and it has lights and a fairy on the top. By Jazzmin

On my Christmas tree the lights change colour. By Ben

When we put the Christmas tree up, we put a star on the top. We put flashing lights on the side. There are balls on there too. We put a snow flake on. It is a fake tree. By Toby

If you came to my house you would see shiny decorations on my tree and you would see birds and you would see fake candy canes. You would get to see some Santa likes and blue lights. By Reuben

My tree has legs and arms for the candy canes and a lollipop and presents and a fairy. It has green tinsel and some bells and Peter Pan looks like a bee because he looks like he can fly but he’s not a bee. By Jack