Learning outcomes

  1. To find out more about life in the 1900s for children attending Kilbirnie School.
  2. To read about the Great War and learn about conditions for the soldiers fighting.
  3. To find out about Bert Fear and what happened to him in the war.

As the project continued we began to realise that the war involved many countries and millions of people. Our trip to the National Library was very informative - we were able to see displays of old photos, maps, and a very large book showing the cause of death for many soldiers. Many died of lung disease rather than bullets.

What did we learn, we learnt:

  • about the Great War, the dates and other things
  • about Wellington in the early 1900’s
  • about school life in the early days
  • how to research on the computer
  • how to make new pages on the programme
  • how to work with photos.